Bitcoins for Dummies


In case you landed here, you might already have heard of Bitcoin, maybe even Blockchain technology or a distributed ledger that is immutable? But what is it, that everybody is talking about? That's supposed to empower all humans and open the gates of innovation beyond imagination. Dive in and let us guide you through this experience called Cryptcurrencies.

The measure of Intelligence is the ability to change.
— Albert Einstein

But to get ones head around it, it takes quite some effort. Hours of youtube, forums and reading whitepapers gave us the knowledge, we now love to share with you.

 Whether you want to learn more about these terms or you want to invest yourself, we'll try to help you. Our website contains information and links about everything - whether it be technical terms like blockchain, smart contracts and private keys as well as a guidance of how to buy and safely store cryptocurrencies. We want to make your lead - in as easy as we can!


Want a challenge?


learn how to do crypto

You want to dive into the cryptospace and learn what blockchain, hashfunction and a bitcoin is?

Well let's go - it's fun!

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just Lazy?


have us do crypto for you

You want to get involved but are to lazy or busy to do it all on your own? 

We can do it for you! Let us be your personal guide. 

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We want to make sure that everybody is aware of the fact that this website is a collection of information from different sources throughout the website. LET IT BE KNOW! We are not financial advisers. Any trade or investment you make based on information from this website is at your own risk! We are just guys helping you to get into the cryptospace.