Sebastian Bur

Co - Founder

Sebastian Bur, 29 years old, former secondary education teacher from switzerland. He is Involved in the cryptocurrency space since a year, dedicated to educate people to get involved in cryptocurencies. 


Juan Orellana

Agrofenomena founder

Juan created Agrofenomena, an agriculture company that grows food in an organic way. His success thanks to 20 years of experimenting is beyond normal, with cropy with %1,200 more nutrition than regular ones. 

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Dr. Gato


Dr. Gato is a doctor / psychologist / theologist,  Lives in Guatemala for over 20 years, holding the highest honour of the country for his endless help for the poor.  



Kyel Chwalek

Co - Founder

Kyle Chwalek, 30 years old, is a former Marine from the U.S. He is the person to talk to about any technical question or how the tech can change our world and society as we know it.  


We are a growing community of people that shares a vision, where we come together and talk about cryptocurrencies, blockchain, new technologies and medicines and create projects self sustainability, health and spirituality. We value honesty, constructive cooperation and we support each other and share ideas and projects. We are currently situated in Guatemala, where we create a new world with various projects we're involved in.
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