Hi everybody! We are the cryptonuts and bolts, a community currently living in Guatemala, that is dedicated to educate people who want to get involved into cryptocurrencies. Our long term goal is to create healing centers for indigenous people to provide them with knowledge about self sustaining, alternative non pharmaceutical healing and medicine as well as a healing center for people from first world countries suffering illness ,depression and anxiety. We work together with a doctor/shaman, who holds the highest honour in Guatemala for his non profit work for over 20 years, born and educated in Canada, a permaculture-expert/shaman, who works with alternative ways to grow food and had amazing results even curing people from several serious diseases by simply changing their diet, and two young guys, learning from this two amazing spirits. You can follow us here, on facebook or on our website (alpha version). Feel free to leave a comment, ask a question or just say hi by sending an e-mail to: We are currently all working full time on our projects, and any donation (can be just your likes) will lead to more possibilities to expand our projects, ideas, offerings for people here in this third world, who are suffering hunger, corruption and lack of water. Thanks a lot. Here a wonderful caterpillar from our garden in our community. It is amazing, how in just a few weeks tons of butterflies, several cats and dogs and a lot of birds started to show up! We feel blessed to be able to do this work.