go GloriA!

This is the second part of Glorias story - where I talk about Glorias progress made and how we help her finding faith and joy in her life again.

Since a month we are now staying at Glorias wonderful place here in Guatemala. We have had a very interesting, educative and fun time so far, exploring the nearby river and hot springs, finding rocks and experiment with organite, playing cards, make food and drinks and relaxing every now and then and of course, giving treatments to Gloria. Thanks to Gloria, who helps us with all that she can bear, we all can work on our own health and recharge a little bit while we take care of her too.


So let's start with the main part: Gloria's improvement. It has been a month since we are here at Glorias. A lot has happened since and it seems that every day is an improvement of the previous day, with ups and downs, easy times and hard times, but an ongoing daily progress and an actually quite stunning results so far.
The first day we arrived, on september 19th, I met Gloria in a different condition than she is today. Her legs were very swollen and the color did look like some sort of bacterial infection. She could barely walk due to her infected and swollen feet and needed to take a break after every couple of steps. There was no pusts or open wounds on her legs anymore compared to the first time we met her. This progress might be because we kept sending her MMS (miracle mineral solution) and nanocolloidal silver for the last three months, which was a task in itself. The doctor put in a lot of effort too find a person who could take the bottles down south with a bus and drop it at the local restaurant for Gloria – for which we barely had enough money at times in order to send it. So that is a big improvement, but still, when I saw the feet again a month ago, I knew we’re not done here yet. There is still some sort of infection going on with the skin around her ankles turning purple, and of course, her general health conditions need further care too in order to become balanced and to get her body in better shape again.

 her feet as of right now. Further down you can find a comparison over the last month.

her feet as of right now. Further down you can find a comparison over the last month.

But there were other problems too: she has had heart burning when going to bed, which she helped herself with by drinking some vinegar. She had a lot of mucous during the day and especially in the morning. Her breathing is bad and her lungs might not be in best conditions, due to past infections and heavy smoking.

Gloria couldn't really feel anything in her feet anymore which made it hard for her to keep balance on her feet. She couldn't take a shower without having to sit down on a chair or a bucket and take breaks while showering. She couldn't get anywhere in the house without having a chair or a walking aid in order to keep balance. Once – she told me this – she fell down and it took her about three hours to get back up.
In order to go to the toilet, she needed three buckets – one to pee in and two other ones to hold on to and to get back up from the toilet seat. All these tasks – that may be simple for many of you – are hard work for Gloria and may put her in a position where she lacks air for a while. Living on a boat with little exercise, her condition and body suffered clearly. That is, why we treat her with various supplements, nutrition, treatments and alternative medicines like silver and organite.

  • A real swiss dish called “Rösti” - baked potatoes and onions with cheese (pic.1)

  • Our first self made Organite - this one contains chrystals and two copper spirals (pic.2)

  • Workers improving our wifi signal so I can upload these pictures (pic.3)

  • beans, carrots, zucchinis with baked potatoes and “hamburger” (pic.4)

But since that day we arrived, it all looks quite different.

After being depressed and tired of life for a decade, she found new hope through the doctors visit, thus got up and rented a newly built house nearby, organized and paid everything around it – a house for the family that takes care of her, furniture and other needs for both houses, gave her boot to a local church for free – they run a charity. And all of this effort, just by simply looking forward to us staying in her house, being there to talk to, to spend time with, to share, to cure wounds and to find a purpose in life again. So we do! She put in beds, made sure there was food, gave us money to buy more groceries and other expenses (like machetes, boots, earplugs, all the needs in order to make organite, etc.), she helped us with everything we needed. She provided us with food and shelter so the doctor (and us) could recover from the past months and regain some power and muscles. She really has one of the greatest hearts I know and is so commited to help us – which I am very thankful for!

 the view on the mountains to the west of our town.

the view on the mountains to the west of our town.

To get her and us back to a good health, we take care of how and what we eat. I cook beetroot salads, spaghetti with a fresh vegetable sauce, some spiced rices with eggs and vegetables, sometimes a piece of chicken with beans and rice (cooked from her neighbour), green salads, apple pies as a desert and all kinds of smoothies and teas We make her strong fresh coffee in the morning, give her some joghurt for healthy bacterias, a „golden milk“ with a lot of tumeric against inflammation, cinnamon against blood sugar problems, we give her magnesium for heart cramps and muscular pain, we give her silver for all the infections and the edema in her legs, rosa jamaica for more vitamin C, vitamin B and E supplements etc. We spray her legs every day and at night with nano colloidal silver, Kyle puts a cloth around her wound to prevent it from getting more infected.
In the evening, after all the work and treatments, we play cards – a swiss game called „asshole“ - which has been a lot of fun for all of us. We also show her news around astrology and how to use angel cards – she is very excited about it!

And in this month, this is what we achieved:

  • Gloria can use the toilet without the need of any bucket or any chair at all, she can simply sit down and get back up without the need of any help

  • Gloria can walk around without any aid for about a minute.

  • Gloria can take a shower without having to sit down in between and rest for a while and started to enjoy them again too.

  • Gloria started to do the dishes again daily – which is good exercise.

  • Gloria eats two to three meals a day, which is up to three times more than before. But in the meantime, she lost 24.6 pounds in these three weeks that we have been here and yet gets more hungry again.

  • Glorias digestion system seems to work better again, although still not perfect.

  • Gloria took some desicions around her personal life which are positive.

  • Glorias breathing is still heavy, so she now started to do breathwork every day

  • Gloria started to stretch her back and work on her sight by focussing on objects both close by and far away alternating.

  • Gloria is perparing food for a cat called „Tommy“, that comes along frequently now.

 legs (19.9.18 - 11.10.18)

legs (19.9.18 - 11.10.18)

It is amazing to watch the progress and her getting more and more motivated to bet her power back! She dreams about visiting us on our farm and helping around the house, once it is built and there is a garden and animals to take care off! I personally can't wait, it is such a pleasure to watch her talk to all animals and taking so much care of her surrounding beings.

So, while we help her with her health and around the house, she helps us with our projects. She prays for us, talks to her friends about us and helped us financially for all these weeks, so we could get good, healthy food, and keep goin towars our dreams.

 feet (19.9.18 - 16.10.18)

feet (19.9.18 - 16.10.18)

But the most amazing thing is to know, that we could help her visualize a goal for her future life and a reason to get back up on her feet – literally –, take care of her and her health again, take her will power back and manifest the future as she would love it to be!

With her gratitude shown through her countless tears she shared with us and her immens will to help others and allow herself to be helped too, we could create this step which is needed for our vision.

(- 1 - rock found in the river - 2 - Gloria and Tommy - 3 - us after shopping )

Thank you Gloria for all you did for us! We know it comes from your heart I really appreciate it – it is not, what everybody would do. You are a bomb!


As of today, in order to give an accurate treatment, we have to go through the software and pick frequencies out of a database of over 46'000 frequencies. This can make work time consuming and not always efficient, in case we don't know the exact issue of the illness (kind of bacteria etc.) and thus have to run several frequencies over a period of time to see which ones work the best.


There's a new machine called spooky2 Generation X. This machine is able diagnose people within 7 minutes through a bio feedback, which would give us an exact picture of the illness and thus would make the treatments much more efficient because we know exactly which frequencies to use.

Our goal is to buy three of them, so we could create a mobile hospital where we can diagnose about 18 people per hour and treat 6 people simulaneously (combined with our three older spooky2 machines we already have) - but much more efficiently as we can treat the illness straight away with the accurate frequencies thanks to the bio-feedback diagnose. Our vision is to build hospitals and have permacultures - and I know, we will get there! So stay around!




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