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Hi everybody. 

It's been a while since our last post and many things have happened. We are in the north of Guatemala now for over 2 months and it has been an amazing experience so far. If you think about the fact that we left with less than 30 Dollars in our pockets, we manifested quite well in order to travel for about 2 months, including one whole week of staying in an anciet mayan site called Yaxha - in the middle of the jungle! 

But let me go back to mid july, the last time since I blogged. We kept treating the family that we have been treating for a while twice a day now. We treated the mother  with Iodine and Sellenium in order to help her improve the function of her thyroid. Additionally, we advised her to start drinking a shot of vinegar every morning in order to loose weight. Two weeks ago, she told us that she also has incredible pain from hemorrhoids, so we gave her one treatment (half an hour) and believe it or not, the very next day her pain was completely gone! The hemorrhoids went back and she felt so thankful for the pain release. 

july 3-7 (41).JPG

We kept treating the boy who has a nerve damage in his ears, and even though his doctors said he wouldn't be able to recover from it, he now claims to have an improved hearing of about 30%. We also started to treat him and his aunt with some brain improvement frequencies and the aunt told us that it seems that she can remember things much easier. School seems to be less exhausting. 

The family also every now and then cooked for us three some outstanding delicious local guatemalan food. last time we got my favourite: chicken pepian, which can take up to a day if prepared the original way! Defenitely something to try when you decide to visit this rich country!

july 24th (30).JPG


The most fascinating story about it though is this: since we are here, the doctor wanted to get some vinegar for his skin - he kept mentioning it. Last time we treated the family, the mom gave us a bottle of the vinegar that she bought and kept drinking herself! Fun fact is, that though the doctor tried to buy vinegar for his skin for over a month but we never had the money - he now manifested this one bottle of vinegar. I mean, out of all things you can gift someone, how odd is it to gift a bottle of vinegar? Amazing story (and not the first time random things like this happen to us)!!

Friends of Sil., the owner of the restaurant where we stay, heard about the frequency machines and the astonishing results that are spreading around town, and thus asked for a treatment. So we started to treat them with just 15 minutes of universal numbers (727,787, 880, 5000 Hz) and they came back the next day, glowing and very excited, telling us they felt much better, slept really good and just felt so much more relaxed and calm! So we treated them a couple more times. They invited us to go to their village, which we still have to do.

july 24th (16).JPG

Freddy, our diabetes patient, came back after 3 weeks of work in the field. He seemed very happy to see us again. We treated him for about two hours with the machines and gave him some more silver to drink. He still feels much better and still has more energy to go through the day. 

After working on a daily basis for about two months, we somehow managed to get out of town and go into the jungle for 8 days. Gaby, a friend of the doctor and Sil., has  - like the doc himself - a serious form of crippling arthritis. Her pain is so bad that she has been on daily doses of cortisol for over 20 years, which now started to show its long term damage. Her left knee is so swollen that she can't really bend it anymore and thus makes walking for her quite difficult. She still manages o run an amazing jungle lodge in the middle of Yaxha, a magical ancient maya location in Peten, northern Guatemala. Her knuckles are so badly affected that her fingers twist and bend over so she can't really grasp things to well with her right (strong) hand. The constant pain really had its toll on her - I guess humidity doesn't really help her either. This women invited us to stay at her lodge for free in exchange for daily spooky2 treatments, silver and some support around the house and emotionally.

 pure jungle

pure jungle

The jungle lodge was absolutely stunning! In order to get there, we had to take a mini bus that took us into the jungle. The last half hour we drove through a jungle road which seemed to be more like a dried out river in the dry season with massive holes, bumps and rocks all over the place. But it was worth getting shaken my guts out of order, because when we arrived at the lodge, I immediately forgot the struggles! We were in the midst of the jungle, there was no house, no car, no town near us!

The only thing there was a tourist center further up the road and a small military base (where we found some sweets and cigarettes). The lodge is located directly at a lake called "Yaxha" and is surrounded and filled with jungle life! There is a "house" crocodile called rosco. My first wild crocodile I've seen! The lake itself is surrounded by nature and ancient mayan ruins (ceremony temples), the only houses I could see on the lake are this lodge and a little museum on the other side of the lake. But there is many mayan ruins (ceremony temples) to explore around this place, and one on the actual lodge space - and if that gets boring, there is always some birds, scorpions, monkeys or even snakes that can be observed! A truly magical place - that helps you escape the matrix for a bit as there is no wifi, little electricity and nobody around! Amazing! 

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We treated Gaby every day for about an hour or more with several frequencies. Arthritis is a very serious and painful chronic auto immune disease and it seems that there hasn't been found a cure for it yet. We are still working on it every day and trying to figure out a way to really get rid of it - we know that for every problem, there is a solution and I know, arthritis has one too. So what we did is just help her body cope with the pain, lower the inflammation and make her feel more secure, happy and relaxed and just more comfortable in her body. Because we could only treat her at night (there was no electricity throughout the whole day), we explored some ruins and walked around in the jungle or just relaxed throughout the days and enjoyed outstanding food cooked on a wooden fire every day by her local staff. As a thank you, we treated them all at night with our machines (unfortunately I completely forgot to take any picture of the treatments). They treated us very well and after 4 days, she even gave us space in her old home, "the haunted house", right next to the mayan ruins.

 our home for a couple of days, called "the haunted house"

our home for a couple of days, called "the haunted house"

The trip turned out to be a great, embracing retreat for all of us! We had tons of time to talk about perception, spirituality, shamanism, mayan culture, frequencies, law of attraction - just all these things that seem to open up to us in this crazy time of the so called "dawning of the age of aquarius"! After this journey we all seemed much more connected and ready to go back to town, back to the crazy life of running a restaurant. And I had no idea what was waiting for us! 

I want to thank Gaby so much for the incredible food she gave us; pizza, outstanding coffee's, chicken soup's and what not far out in the jungle, even ice cream!, the amazing housing we were allowed to enjoy and showing us around in Yaxha! You won't regret visiting the "El Sombrero Lodge" in Yaxha! 

When we got back to the restaurant, shit immediately hit the fan. We arrived and chilled out in the office, watching some of the security camera tapes. We were all very tired from the drive back, on which the car nearly broke down due to a transmitter problem and thus drove super slow. Because no room was available that night, we had to sleep on the floor next to a 2 year old kid, a nanny and a super smelly dog (this all being in a restaurant office!!). In order to relax a bit we kept watching the security cameras and observed people, which was really funny. But as we were watching the tapes, the dog who loves to swim in the lake and thus smells horrible, peed on the floor. Kyle wiped up the pee and we sat down again to keep watching some of the footage, only to witness that the dog peed a second time, only this time about 2 gallons of pee. I didn't know a dog could pee that much. The whole office was under water. While Kyle was wiping the floor a second time, the kitchen ran out of gas (the gas people brought only half filled gas containers and cut a little hole into the pipe so the restaurant ran out of gas quicker) which made customers wait for over 2h for their food. While the manager had to run around to get some gas while we tried to calm down customers, the dog peed a third time, again about 2 gallons of water. There was no way he could have drank more water - this is physically impossible, but hey, by now I have some weird stuff going on every now and then, so who knows... The owner - in a hurry - wanted to disinfect the floor, but instead of disinfectant she tossed a bottle of soap on the floor. Poor Kyle was wiping the floor the whole night! After all, we lied in bed at 2 o'clock in the morning. That is when the baby started to cry. We all fell asleep at 3.30am, only to wake up by the owners 2 year old girl yelling stuff in spanish with a broom in the hand - it was 7am, time to clean the house according to her.

This is our life. We live in faith, the universe provides us with what we need! And it gets funnier and funnier. It is amazing, that we manifested to stay in a jungle lodge for a week (which would have been ca.USD 2000), only to find ourselves a day later sweeping a dogs pee over and over, sleeping in an office with all these living beings around us, in the middle of a restaurant that just got out of control because there is no gas to cook.  

Since we are back we have been treating many people and will continue to do so. TO add another crazy story: the doc has met the chief of the town we live in and has been asked to work (for money) in the hospital here. News are spreading and more people come look for the doctor. But these stories I will tell in the next blog. But this I can say: it really makes me proud and happy to see these people have someone who gives them hope, when they are desperate, who give them support when they need it. It is an amazing work I can do here!

P.S.: I started to read peoples hands and it has been a trip so far. I really enjoy it and it helps us to get some income for food. Maybe I can get someone to blog about it at some point, because this too, like our magic medicine methods, work and is more and more supported from scinetific research!


As of today, in order to give an accurate treatment, we have to go through the software and pick frequencies out of a database of over 46'000 frequencies. This can make work time consuming and not always efficient, in case we don't know the exact issue of the illness (kind of bacteria etc.) and thus have to run several frequencies over a period of time to see which ones work the best.


There's a new machine called spooky2 Generation X. This machine is able diagnose people within 7 minutes through a bio feedback, which would give us an exact picture of the illness and thus would make the treatments much more efficient because we know exactly which frequencies to use.

Our goal is to buy three of then, so we could create a mobile hospital where we can diagnose about 18 people per hour and treat 6 people simulaneously (combined with our three older spooky2 machines we already have) - but much more efficiently as we can treat the illness straight away with the accurate frequencies thanks to the bio-feedback diagnose.

In order to get there, we kindly ask for donations in order to raise USD 2500 to buy these new machines. In case you enjoy our work and want to support us, feel free to talk to us, post this or help us with a donation.





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