YES! - told you it works!

Three stories - one miracle and hopefully two more to come!

As soon as we came back from Yaxha, there has been various people that came to the restaurant to ask for help or for the doctor. So ever since we're back, we've been busy every day with patients, next to helping out at the restaurant. 

On Saturday, two days after we came back, we started the day like usually. We get up and get coffee and then just watched the day evolve. We didn't have any appointments this day, so we could just observe what comes our way.
At 12pm a woman we have been treating several times before we left for Yaxha, showed up. She is indigenous and sells tortillas every day from 5am and ends at 7pm. She came to look for the doctor because she had vaginal bleeding very seriously for 43 days. The doctors wanted to do a hysterectomy, which upset her, cause she doesn't have the money for the operation. We found her on the market, lying on a mattress, feeling very ill and weak. After the doctor told her about his free treatments she managed to get out of bed and come visit us (she takes a tuktuk for Q10 (USD 1.50) here and back, which is a lot of money for her, but she still managed to come 5 times). Thus we started to treat her in order to feel better and get rid of her serious blood loss.  


The first day, we treated her for 20 minutes with a magnetic pulse in the womb and additionally with the universal numbers (727, 787, 880, 5000 Hz) and arnica (1024 Hz, which seems to help especially for indigenous people) for 15 minutes.

Now listen to this: two days later - after her second treatment - she came back and said the bleeding nearly stopped! We were absolutely amazed as we didn't expect it to be gone that quick! I am very happy to share this amazing story to show you, how effective these treatments can be. She was so happy and thankful for it! As a thank you, she brought us one of her young kittens which we adopted and now take care of, so it can take care of rats in the restaurant later on! After 5 treatments, the bleeding completely stopped!!


Thanks to the treatment she now doesn't have to worry about how to pay for the operation, because she has no money. Indigenous people here have it really hard, selling tortillas and making a tiny bit of money (her mom can afford the travel to come visit her daughter once a year, for one day. the travel costs Q30 (USD 4.-)). Her daughter, 17, wants to go to a nursing school for two years. So I am thinking about raising money for her to get out of poverty and go to school. The costs are around 4000Q (USD 500) a year.


And then there is our friend, an indigenous woman who is selling fruit from house to house, 12 hours a day. So every day she passed the restaurant, trying to sell some fruits. One day, as we were treating someone else, the doctor started to talk to her and some minutes later weput her on the frequency machine - the universal numbers - for a general upgrade of her physical and emotional current state. Ever since, we put her on the machine nearly every day she showed up. She said she started to feel better and her pain in her neck and shoulders, due to all this fruit and vegetables lifting for 12 hours a day, got less. So that is very nice to hear. 



Her joungest son – let's call him the jaguar kid – is an entertainment by himself. He always pretends to be a little tiger or jaguar and shows me his angry face. First I was confused of how to react, but then eventually I made my angry-cat face and he ran away. Some seconds later he came back with his angry face and does this now every time we treat his mom. He also discovered my camera, something he probably never has touched before. Up front he asked me what is was and watched me pick pictures and soon enough wanted to take some pictures himself.


His mom is really thankful for our help so she gives us what she can afford. Several times we got some papayas and today, after the doctor mentioning pine apples, we got two pine apples for the treatments. It's amazing because this way we get some great fruit shakes in the morning. Some days ago she came for a treatment and asked if her sister, who since years tries to get pregnant, could use some frequency treatments and if it might help her and her husband getting kids. So two days ago we started to treat her with frequencies stored as „infertility“ and have a look how that goes.


Both their husbands visited us too yesterday, so we gave them a general treatment that helps against 75% of all problems (universal numbers). They are workers that buy and resell fruits all day long. They work as long as their wifes, that sell the fruits on the market nearby or to the restaurants.

A young family member had a horrible bike accident and a plate of steel all the way from his hips to his knee. He has a lot of pain and is quite desperate for help. Medicine is quite expensive for them. So we treated him with the manget pulser, frequency for general healing and pain release as well as bone fracture. Poor guy is so young but now has so much pain he can barely walk. But let's see how it goes next time he visits.


And then we have our italian friend, who runs a restaurant nearby and who was desperately looking for this doctor he heard of. His life story is worth its own blog. He lost his wife a couple of years ago and since then he fought his body. There has been hundreds of dollars been spent for help overseas, in europe, in the U.S., but nobody could figure out what it is. The doctors saw many signs for various illnesses, but it isn't cancer, nor arthritis. He traveled through whole Guatemala in order to find the doctor, but he couldn't find him. All the places he went to look for the doctor based on information people gave him about where to find him, the doctor didn't live there anymore. So he came back to his home, desperate and devastated. Somehow though, he heard of the doctor being in peten and then, a couple of days ago, I saw him standing on the street, asking me if I knew the doctor. I said yes and brought him to him. The doctor talked a lot to him and said he can help and he might know what is going on.

d (5).JPG

So we treated him with silver colloidal in order to help get rid of the bacteria, we treated him with frequencies for pain, general healing, skin problems, etc. His feet are badly infected, his body hurts, he has horrible headaches and his whole body is just in so much pain and all the medicine's side effects have it's toll on him.

I read his palm (yeah I am an intuitive palmreader – and yes, I can even tell how many kids you have) and he was so excited about the things I said about his palms. He was very happy that I told him he has the sign for writing a book, something he was thinking about. It gave him a boost. So he came back the next day to get treated again. He had a horrible headache but through steering him with the zero point energy pointer and the frequency machines his pain got much better and he instantly fell asleep. He didn't sleep the whole night because of his pain but did fall asleep in our chair after two minutes of holding the frequency machine and getting steered by the pointer.

Due to an unknown illness, his feet are badly infected. We treat him now for a while and have a look if we can fix it - and write about a second miracle! 


He was so thankful for talking to the doctor, getting the treatments and feeling better and for some people telling him it's getting better. He took some more silver and we look forward to hear, how his feet are doing. So yeah, this is what is going on with our mobile hospital. We had quite some people showing up and there has been more talking about the machines. Even the local hospital is interested in our work and wants us to work there on a regular basis - and getting paid for it...

Thank you!



As of today, in order to give an accurate treatment, we have to go through the software and pick frequencies out of a database of over 46'000 frequencies. This can make work time consuming and not always efficient, in case we don't know the exact issue of the illness (kind of bacteria etc.) and thus have to run several frequencies over a period of time to see which ones work the best.


There's a new machine called spooky2 Generation X. This machine is able diagnose people within 7 minutes through a bio feedback, which would give us an exact picture of the illness and thus would make the treatments much more efficient because we know exactly which frequencies to use.

Our goal is to buy three of then, so we could create a mobile hospital where we can diagnose about 18 people per hour and treat 6 people simulaneously (combined with our three older spooky2 machines we already have) - but much more efficiently as we can treat the illness straight away with the accurate frequencies thanks to the bio-feedback diagnose.

In order to get there, we kindly ask for donations in order to raise USD 2500 to buy these new machines. In case you enjoy our work and want to support us, feel free to talk to us, post this or help us with a donation.





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