the amazing story of gloria

Are you ready to read a story about a woman named Gloria, that lived on a boat for almost 30 years and how the spooky machines make her walk again?

We arrived at Gloria’s place on a wednesday evening.

Previously that day we rushed around to get all our stuff together, get some vitamin B and C pills for the doctor and her and to make sure we have tickets with seat reservations for the bus ride.

 last sunset in the north before we head south

last sunset in the north before we head south

We arrived at her place after a 4h bus ride. She was sitting on her chair, smoking a cigarette and carrying a big smile on her face. She hasn’t had visitors for a very long time. Previous to our visit 4 months ago, she didn’t leave her boat for over 4 years (we blogged about it in an earlier blog). Our visit 4 months made her feel so much better thanks to the two spooky treatments she got and especially to the hugs and unconditional love she received from the doctor and Kyle. She felt so good, that she decided to sell her boat she was living in for 30 years and change her whole situation. She got off the boat, rented a house for her and an indigenous family that takes care of her. She put in a second floor so we could stay with her whenever we got back from our adventures and take care of her. Her feet got better for since we first met her. We kept sending her silver and MMS in order to keep the improvements going. Her skin got healed from all the fungus, the skin pealed off and is now smooth again.


Due to missing her boat, her husband and some company, she got worse over the last months. Telling us how depressed she’d become, we decided to head down south in order to take care of her.

Our arrival was very appreciated! As we entered, her neighbor served pasta with Glorias home made receipe, it was outstanding. We had a beer or two and ate as much as we could. It has been a while since we could fill our bellies completely and we all slept very good that night.

 enjoying delicious home made pasta - and plenty to fill our empty stomachs…

enjoying delicious home made pasta - and plenty to fill our empty stomachs…

The first day, she was very excited and told us story after story about her life. She has for sure seen different times on this planet and it was big fun listening to her. Working as the only woman on cargo boats she learned to work harder than any man she knew. She grew up in a poor farmers family in Louisiana. She started as a chef on those boats and when she had the time, she’d learn all the skills the guys on the boat had, so she could go to school later and learn all about boats, about sailing, about the cargo etc. Ten years ago her husband died from cancer which left her devastated. Ever since she had a rough - until the doctor showed up for the first time about 5 years ago. She had lices all over the body from helping and teaching indigenous kids. But the doctor hugged her and kept her hopeful so she could keep going for all those years and now we are living in her house for a while to take fully care of her.



getting a treatment at the kitchen table. You can see the two bars from the spooky machine. Here she takes a little cigarette break from a 4h treatment.

The very next morning I took some pictures of her feet. They are 10 times better than they were when I first saw them 4 months ago, but still, there was plenty of work to be done in order to cure her from her diseases.

We started to treat her with the spooky2 machine the day we arrived. Ever since we treat her two to three times a day with the frequency machine. The program we put in varies daily. In the beginning she couldn’t feel anything, but slowly her senses come back, she now feels a tingeling in her hands and also her feet seem to be less numb. Here are some of the frequencies we use in order to help her with several health issues. There is 46’000 different freuquencies to choose from, which gives us plenty of possibilities.

  • General (40’000Hz)

  • Abdominal Pain (5000Hz, 10’000Hz)

  • Acne (727Hz, 787Hz, 880Hz, 5000Hz)

  • Acidosis (10’000Hz)

  • Pathogens Sweep (475786.75Hz - 480213.25Hz)

  • Slime molds (81’000Hz, 126’000Hz, 211’000Hz)

  • Leaky gut (6033Hz, 6027Hz - 6040Hz)

  • Collembola Sweep (407450Hz - 907500Hz)

  • Candida (180Hz, 930Hz, 2500Hz, 42500Hz, 71500Hz, 96500Hz)

  • Mold Sweep (185385.792Hz - 186614.208 Hz)

  • E.coli (Hulda Clark: 356’000Hz)

  • Restorative sleep (1Hz - 3Hz)

  • Oxygens (31’998’000 Hz)

These are only some of the frequencies we used for her so far.

We also give her plenty of additional medicine other than the spooky machine treatments.
In the morning, we give her some strong coffee, which helps with digestion, her heart and constipation. With all the food we have, I bake or cook a somewhat healthy breakfast, be it eggs with tomatoes, onions and a little meat, or pancakes. Kyle creates delicious fruit smoothies with bananas, strawberries, papayas and avocado, so she gets her fresh vitamins. It is still amazing to be able to just go down the road and buy all these delicious fruits for very cheap.

 Gloria and the family that takes care of her. We cut her hair in the meantime :)

Gloria and the family that takes care of her. We cut her hair in the meantime :)

For lunch we cook vegetables like baked eggplants, fried rice, potatoes with onion springs, fresh lettuce salad or beetroot salad, sweet potatoes with broccoli, cauliflower or green beans, etc. Additionally, we give her vitamin b and c supplements, about 5 glasses of shungite water with a spoon of nano colloidal silver to drink and many many tees, from ginger-lemon to all spices leaves, freshly picked in Yaxha, tamarind tea, feenagreek and pu erh, black and white tea, often spiced with cinnamon that takes care of high blood sugar. The doctor is a true magician with these herbs and also knows how to make these teas taste fantastic.

The medicine you take should taste good and make you feel good about drinkig or eating it.

She complains every now and then about the amount of food and drinks and supplements we prepare, but likes the taste of everything. At night, we play cards and listen to her stories. And the change in only 6 days is tremendous!

 after our trip to town in order to get goof healthy foods

after our trip to town in order to get goof healthy foods

In order to make you believe in what we believe, I have been taking pictures of her feet every day. These pictures have been taken somewhere around 11am every day, 5 days in a row. The effects of our treatments are quite promising, don’t you think?

But there is way more to be told! Previously she couldn’t walk and thus never left her boat. Since we are here, she started to walk without any help from us, a chair or her walking help, she can go to the toilet and instead of sitting on buckets she can now simply use the toilet seat. She doesn’t even need any help - other buckets or a chair - to get back up from the toilet seat. She every now and then sits cross legged on the chair, something she hasn’t done for years. It is very stunning to watch her get better and better.

Meanwhile we also help people around a little bit. Yesterday, we went into town to get some groceries and treat known friends of Gloria. One of her closest friends is suffering from cancer, so we treated herwith our spooky machine and gave her some nano colloidal silver to take every day. We did this in a local grocery store, the owner knows the doctor from previous visits. We treated her as well as an indiginous girl who helps her out in her store. Additionally, I also read their palms, which I have been studying for a couple of months now. All in all it was a very interesting meetup in a local grocery store and as a thank you the owner, Miriam, gave us our groceries for free, which included canned meat, honey, cranberry juice, spices and even peanut butter (which is so expensive down here…)! This made us very very happy and also we now had more money to buy more healthy stuff for Gloria such as magnesium supplements, more spices from the market and resine in order to make organite. But that is a whole other story to tell you guys later on.

For now, we keep working on Gloria and our visions. Day by day we work, step by step.

Stay tuned…


As of today, in order to give an accurate treatment, we have to go through the software and pick frequencies out of a database of over 46'000 frequencies. This can make work time consuming and not always efficient, in case we don't know the exact issue of the illness (kind of bacteria etc.) and thus have to run several frequencies over a period of time to see which ones work the best.


There's a new machine called spooky2 Generation X. This machine is able diagnose people within 7 minutes through a bio feedback, which would give us an exact picture of the illness and thus would make the treatments much more efficient because we know exactly which frequencies to use.

Our goal is to buy three of them, so we could create a mobile hospital where we can diagnose about 18 people per hour and treat 6 people simulaneously (combined with our three older spooky2 machines we already have) - but much more efficiently as we can treat the illness straight away with the accurate frequencies thanks to the bio-feedback diagnose. Our vision is to build hospitals and have permacultures - and I know, we will get there! So stay around!




for more information about us, the machines or our work, feel free to write us on



In order to get there, we kindly ask for donations in order to raise USD 2500 to buy the Generation X.


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