And yet more positive outcomes of our treatments

Some more amazing stories about our work!

Hi and welcome to our blog. Our work is all about helping people in need with alternative medicine and machines that can cure illnesses where our "normal" medicine fails. We work with a machine called spooky2, a magnet pulser machine, nano colloidal silver, MMS or CDS and zero energy pointer. The doctor we work with has studied tropical medicine and psychology and worked in labs, lectured in universities and collaborated with many doctors all over the world for the past 30 years. He has many incredible success stories from dengue, HIV, terminal cancer and many deformations being healed. for all his work he holds the highest honor! 

To hard to believe? Well, it took me half a year to believe it. So I started to go and look for proove and I have seen many miracles. And that is why I blog: I want to tell the world, that these things do really work!

Since the positive news about the 82 years old lady we treated (more info here), more people started to show up to hold those two bars to get some healing or general improvement in their lives. The ladies place starts to become a meet up place for locals to get a treatment. As of right now, we started to treat about 10 people a day (some twice), with various problems like prostate cancer, diabetes, deafness or thyroid issues. 

 working in the restaurant on three people - and some interested travelers learning about the machines

working in the restaurant on three people - and some interested travelers learning about the machines

A week ago, we showed up in a local restaurant, where a mom and her daughter work from 8 am until 11 pm to prepare food and drinks for local customers. they are very kind and honest people and soon started to enjoy the treatments. the mom had glaucomia in her eye, it was all red and swollen and hard for her to see anything with the eye. after three treatments with the spooky machine the results were just stunning. we ran the general universal frequencies (727Hz, 787Hz and 880Hz) on her on top of a preset of a glaucomia treatment. 

three days later she told us that she doesn't have any pain in her eye anymore, the eye was completely recovered and white again, the red was 100% gone and the swelling was gone too. I myself was absolutely stunned about the results. 

 the mom with glaucomia

the mom with glaucomia

We also treated her heavy varicose veins that gave her a lot of pain too. her feet were blue / violet and covered in veins. her legs were very swollen and her knees heard a lot, which made it hard for her to sleep.

five days later, after we treated her with the spooky, the magnet pulser and some nano colloidal silver as well as our zero energy pointer, her pain was gone, her legs were much better (she said 80%) and her skin in general looked much better. she also said she sleeps much better and feels much more energized. We also treat her daughter daily, which seems to have more fun in her life, cracking jokes about our inability to deal with the heat.

 the moms daughter, glad to have a time in between her 15h of work

the moms daughter, glad to have a time in between her 15h of work

similar to her treatments, we treat Freddy, a friend of hers who is suffering from severe diabetes. a week ago we started treating him with the silver and some mms alternating. The second day he could barely walk up the hill because his legs were so weak. But since then, as he came for a treatment every day, he got better and better. He bought some silver, which paid us a dinner for all three of us, and ever since helpes us out by giving us some soda or water. Today, when he showed up, he was smiling and told us he could feel much more in his legs and didn't have any struggles to get up the hill. we also told him to drink three cups of cinnamon tea, as it seems to cure up to 50% of diabetes. 

 freddy gets a treatment for his diabetes

freddy gets a treatment for his diabetes

also, a local woman who worked in the hospital for over 40 years as a chief nurse showed up and wanted to know more about our healing methods. I tried to explain as well as I could in spanish, what the idea behind frequency, magnetic pulse and zero point therapy is, and we showed her videos on youtube about mms, nano colloidal silver and footage of bacterias and cancer cells that got destroyed through frequencies. She too bought some silver and came every day since to get a treatment to reduce her weight. 

 the lady on the very right is the nurse that seems to get really into our methods as she hears our very positive results

the lady on the very right is the nurse that seems to get really into our methods as she hears our very positive results

We also started to treat her whole family, s father with prostate problems, a kid that is deaf and a mother that is overweight. We treated the father with the magnet pulser and universal frequencies and after one treatment he slept through the night with only going to the toilet once. Back in the days, he went to the toilet 6 times a night. 

the son got a similar treatment with the magnet pulser on his ears, some nano colloidal silver and also the universal frequencies. we added a frequency called royal (778Hz), which seems to help a lot. he told us, that his hearing is 20% better! His doctors, that diagnozed a nerve damage, said he wouldn't get his hearing back, but yet here we are with an improvement of 20% in only 3 treaments. 


as a thank you, the nurse and the family invited us to their home and cooked a diner and lunch for us the last days, which means a lot to them and to us. we are so thankful to get food and shelter for our work we do.

Unfortunately the old lady called cony got worse yesterday, which made her want to go to the hospital to check her intestines. We treated her with the magnet pulser and frequencies. I went over this morning to check her, she seemed better. We are waiting for the results and are glad to know more soon about her illness, so we can work with more specific frequencies.

Our future goals

As of today, in order to give an accurate treatment, we have to go through the software to search frequencies out of a database of over 46'000 frequencies and then pick the ones that sound best. This can make work time consuming and not always efficient, because we don't know the exact issue of the illness (kind of bacteria etc.) and thus have to run several frequencies as we guess the bacteria.

But there is help to solve this problem!

There are new machines called spooky2 Generation X. These machines would help us to diagnose people within 7 minutes through a bio feedback, which would give us an exact picture of the illness and thus would make the treatments much more efficient. We could diagnose around 20 people per hour and simultaneously treat the same amount of people with our three machines we already have - but much more efficiently as we can hit the illness straight away, thanks to the bio-feedback diagnose.


Thank you very much


we really appreciate every help we receive and I know the people here do so too! Walking in faith we don't charge indigenous people and live from what people and travelers give us. We live in a place for free and take care of the single mom and her business, the food we get from families we treat or buy with money we get donated I am very thankful to be part of this and feel the joy in my heart when I see people heal after years of suffer - a joy, I never found when perceiving my own luck just for myself. 


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Much love - the cryptonuts


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