how to buy cryptocurrencies

Before you start investing, consider the following points. These questions will give you an idea of what your preferences are, which can help with cryptocurrencies and exchange platforms you want to choose from. There is no way around some research you have to do in order to know, what you want. This help guide is based on our experiences and knowledge. That doesn't mean we know what's best for you. 

What do i want?

  1. I am ok with sharing personal information (ID, Photo with Passport, Bank account, Phone number).
    • Yes:,,,,,
    • No:,,,,
  2. I want the transaction happen as fast as possible.
    • Yes: All providers that allow to buy cryptocurrencies through credit card, paypal, SOFORT transaction
      (higher fees, lower limits)
    • No: Bank transactions (SEPA, SWIFT) 
      (lower fees, higher limits)
  3. I want it to be as cheap as possible.
    SEPA and SWIFT transactions and websites with their own trading platforms (,
  4. I want it as easy as possible and with a good User Interface.
  5. Residence
    Depending where you are from, your options might be limited. Most options are currently available for European, U.S. and Australian citizen. 

If you want to do more research, this website gives you a quick overview that helps you to make the best choice.
Here you find a website that also lists a ton different platforms, but with the addition that it sorts them depending on your personal needs.
If you want to compare certain buy platforms this website might suit you. It lists exchange fees, traded cryptocurrencies, deposit and withdrawal options, security features and much more.


Peer to peer 

You can buy cryptocurrencies directly from another person. You don't have to go through a long verification process and verify your identety, you can simply exchange with another user. 

Bank account

This option often requires a verification process. The bank transfers also take a couple of days to go through. The good thing though is, that you can avoid high fees.

credit card

This option gives you the possibility to buy cryptocurrencies quick and easy. There are although higher fees and lower limits. 

What cryptocurrency do i buy?

There are tons of different cryptocurrencies and usecases they cover. Before you start to invest, think about what you want to buy. We recommend certain cryptocurrencies and tokens after doing some research, you can find them here. But be aware that we can't cover all of the cryptocurrencies or tokens, nor all the usecases. This is not financial advise, it is only our personal opinion and recommendation.

Where do i buy cryptocurrencies?