There are several usecases for the blockchain technology. It can be used to create new currencies like Bitcoin, protocols on which companies and individuals can launch their projects (Ethereum), or tokens which are new kind of shares of a company (Populous). There are thousands of cryptocurrencies at the moment, with new ones released on a daily basis. New ways to use this technology are created daily - like advertisement in a decentralized way, data storage, payment methods, etc.



Bitcoin is the first and most known cryptocurrency, created in 2009. Bitcoin works as a digital currency, that can be spent online - peer to peer. A Bitcoin - technically just a bunch of information - can be devided in 1 million pieces (so called satoshi's). Nobody is able to just create Bitcoin, nobody can double spend it. It is the most used and tested cryptocurrency. 



Ethereum is the second biggest "Cryptocurrency" at the moment, although it isn't a currency like Bitcoin. It is an open software platform based on the blockchain technology that allows anyone to create their own decentralized applications. Ethereum is more of a "fuel" that runs a blockchain network than a currency. The network runs codes for decentralized applications. It thus can be seen as a kind of internet for decentralized applications. 



Populous is a globalized financial marketplace for businesses and investors!

Imagine you have a business and need loans or you are an investor and you want to invest in a business.  

Populous will rebuild the invoice factoring market by making immediate funding of businesses possible by cutting out the middleman and their fees (i.e. banks), by overcoming the problem of geographical boundaries and by guaranteeing that all invoices are stored on the blockchain and visible for everyone. This creates a decentralized open marketplace for both, investors and businesses.



Pillar aims to be the best cryptocurrency and token wallet that wants to be a dashboard for peoples digital life. 

The wallet has the intention to store all your personal cryptocurrencies and tokens in an easy way as well as manage your data so that you are in control of it at all times. It also gives you the services you really are looking for. 

Through the pillar wallet, all cryptocurrencies can be stored in one place.



OmiseGo is a financial technology that enables real-time, peer to peer decentralized value exchange. It aims to be a solution for coordination problems amongst payment processors and financial institutions. 

Through the blockchain based OmiseGo neetwork, a decentralized exchange platform is enabled, where different currencies and assets can be traded.

Based on Omise, an already existing venture-backed payments company operating in Thailand, Singapore, Japan and Indonesia, OmiseGo has the potential to be a global standard for exchange and payments.