Cryptonuts and Bolts is - and will always be - for free. Our mission is to provide users with information and tools that allow them to learn how to get involved into cryptocurrencies. Our long term goal is to create projects that educate people about permaculture and self-sustainability, alternative medicines and to build healing centers for people in need. Your donation directly helps the development of the Cryptonuts vision and our projects. You are welcome to help, whether it be with money, help or ideas. 

You can support the following projects with Donations in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and Litecoin. 


Medicine for Guatemalan INDIGENOUS

Our currenct project is to raise 2700 USD to buy three spooky2 machines and three RSG2, in order to create alternative medicinal clinics in the mountains in Guatemala to help and heal the poor that have no access to any medicinal help. 
You can find more information and help here
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Cryptonuts and Bolts community / Cryptocurrency Education

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