find information

On websites

  • helps you find any information about the price, the market cap, the charts and supported exchange platforms of any cryptocurrency listed. You can also find links to the specific coins as well as information about exchange platforms and their trading volumes. 
  • Here you can find information about news around cryptocurrencies, blockchain and the financial world. 
  • blockgeeks: blockgeeks is a very informative website that creates content on a daily basis about any technicals around cryptocurrencies. If you want to learn more about blockchain, smart contracts etc., you want to visit this website.
  • marketshare graphic shows you a graphic with all cryptocurrencies and their marketshare
  • cryptocurrency map is a map of the top 300 cryptocurrencies, sorted by their application

on social media


These are some amazing websites and channels to find information about anything:

  • steemit: is a platform where posts of any content can be created. Rewards can be earned through likes and donations (steem) of other users. If you enjoy blogging and sharing content of any kind, steemit is your go to platform. It is also a good source of information around cryptocurrencies and nearly everything else.
  • reddit: is a social media platform where users can create articles and chat about any content. It is a very useful platform to get information and help for issues around cryptocurrencies and other topics. Reddit also has a solid app, which makes it very easy to stay updated on latest news around cryptocurrencies.
  • slack: Slack is a chatroom where people meet to talk about a certain projects and create a community of interested users. Most cryptocurrencies have their own slackroom in order to inform their supporters about news on their project.
  • discord: is another chatroom in which people talk about gaming, coding and technical topics. In case you want to talk more about blockchain in its details, about technical approaches of certain cryptocurrencies or get some help, discord is a good place to go. 
  • twitter: twitter is still a good place to find information about latest news, concerning a certain coin, individual or a topic around blockchain. You can follow projects and individuals to stay updated. 
  • minds: minds is an alternative kind of facebook, where you can post and follow people, create and join groups about any topic and start converstaions. You earn points for posting, liking, etc, which can be monatized (1000 points equal 10 USD).


If you get involved with cryptocurrencies, you might also make sure, that you're somewhat safe. Cryptocurrencies require you to know some things about computer, data storage and protection from hacks. 

  • tor browser: the tor browser helps you to be a little bit more anonymous. While google chrome or firefox use your IP adress in order to access the website, the tor browser uses other IP adresses from other users through which your computer access the internet. Therefor, it is harder to track down, who you are when surfing around in the internet.
  • protonmail: protonmail is a encryptet e-mail provider based in switzerland, with implemented end-to-end encryption (even the provider can't read your e-mails), anonimity (no IP adresses stored) and open source code (everybody can look up the code of protonmail).
  • 2FA: In order to keep your accounts the most secure possible, you can download a authenticator app. One of the best available is the google authenticator, which gives you a unique code every minute which is required to access your accounts. Make sure to back up the private key, in case you loose your phone and therefor access to your codes. This 2FA can be used on most cryptocurrency exchanges.


there are good applications for your smart phone.

  • coincap: track prices and create your own portfolio. This app is very informative with charts for every cryptocurrency listed, although it is quite slow and prices aren't always up to date.
  • delta: track prices and create your own portfolio. this one is a bit faster but has less features. 


In this list we add people that are involved in the cryptospace, that we recommend from personal experience. We do not get any payment for mentioning these people here and we are not responsible for their content. Actions based on their information is your responsibility. 

  • Cliff High is known for his famous predictive linguistics. By creating his own software that scans all words used in the internet in order to "measure" the emotional tone of the collective online consciousness, he is able to accurately predict where the future could lead us to. You can follow him on twitter, youtube or visit his website. Every couple of months he releases a report that you can purchase for 99 USD, where he explains the data he gets from his software.
  • jsnip4 is a very active youtuber that talks about cryptocurrency news, new ICOs and trading tips. He helps people find their way safe through the crypto jungle by pointing out scams or explaining basics like transactions or storage of coins. He has a youtube channel and his own website. 
  • Crypt0 is a young, enthusiastic and very reliable individual, talking about cryptocurrencies daily. He mostly talks about news in the cryptospace, whether it be regulations or new updates on certain coins or meetups. You can follow him on youtube.
  • Crypto Daily makes a daily crypto update that isn't too long, combined with some british humor, you can follow crypto daily on youtube. He knows how to stay cool in this wild wild (crypto) west and make you smile. 
  • Mike B is a very intelligent guy talking about technicals around cryptocurrencies. If you want to know, whether to invest in a coin or why not, he can for sure explain why its technical approach makes sense or not. you can follow him on youtube.
  • RoadtoRoota is a theory created by Bix Weir. Bix has dedicated his efforts over the last 15 years to exposing the long term manipulation of the gold and silver markets. He talks about the market maipulation, the deep state and why cryptocurrencies will change the financial world. You can follow him on his website or youtube channel.
  • Arcane Bear is a guy dedicating his time to help people get involved in the cryptocurrencies. With a trading background he gives technical analysis as well as informative interviews with people involved in the cryptocurrencies, health and a new paradigm.