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There are various websites with different approaches to how you can buy cryptocurrencies, from payment methods, fees, limits, verification processes to offered cryptocurrencies, transaction speed and supported countries.


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Based in the U.S., Coinbase is the most used platform to buy Cryptocurrencies. Coinbase has a very clear User Interface, which makes buying cryptocurrencies very easy. Coinbase also has an implemented exchange platform ( This gives you the opportunity to reduce fees to a minimum which makes Coinbase to one of the cheapest online platforms to buy cryptocurrencies. However, there are two disadvantages. Because many people are signing up to Coinbase, the verification process can take some time. Also, Coinbase requires detailed personal information (ID, Credit Card Information, Bank Account). 

+ easy to use
+ supports various payment methods
- high fees (if you don't use
- long verification process
- only few coins (BTC / ETH / LTC)
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Based in Austria, this website allows you to purchase Bitcoin and Altcoins like Ehtereum, Litecoin, Dash and Monero. The advantage of the website is, that the verification process is very fast because it can be done through skype. A disadvantage is that you pay fees for deposits (1-3), trades (0.5%) and withdrawals (1%). Cointed supports payments through credit cards and bank transfers from all over Europe through SEPA.

+ sell various coins (Dash, Monero, Zcash, ETH, ETC, BTC, Litecoin, Dash)
+ quick verification via skype
+ if you use trade option instead of a direct purchase fees are reduced
- fees for for every action (deposits, buying/selling, withdrawals, transactions)
- charges extra fee for exchanges
- long transaction times


Kraken which is based in San Fransisco, is a good alternative to Cointed and Coinbase. It allows you to buy various cryptocurrencies with wire transfer, SWIFT or SEPA. Deposit fees vary from being free (SEPA) up to 10 USD (outside U.S.). Kraken also has trading fees (up to 0.26%) but currently a very low withdrawal limit. Its custom service is overwhelmed.

+ 17 different cryptocurrencies
+ supports various bank transfers for international transactions
+ no ID verification in order to deposit fiat currencies
- low withdrawal limit
- unclear user interface


Located in Austria Bitpanda is a website which is easy to use because of its clear user interface. It has a lot of deposit options to buy cryptocurrencies. Deposit and withdrawal fees vary from 2-10% except for bank transfers (free).

+ various payment methods (SEPA, SOFORT, NETELLER, Western Union, Credit Card, SKRILL)
+ quick verification via skype
+ clear user interface
+ no fees for bank transfers
- high prices compared to market is a similar exchange like Bitpanda. It doesn't have any advantages to other exchanges. However, it is one of the more secure exchanges and has a very clear user interface. Payment methods are bank transfers, credit cards and CryptoCapital.

+ safe
+ high supply of cryptocurrencies
+ credit card, bank transfers and CryptoCapital
+ high limits for deposits and withdrawals
- high fees
- high prices relative to market price
- few coins (BTC / BCH / ETH)




Based in China, this is one of the biggest exchanges worldwide. It is quite new and we weren't able to use it yet. It allows you to deposit and withdraw USD and trade a lot of different coins. 

+ low fees
+ high liquidity and withdrawal limits
+ clear user interface
- verification (because it is chinese)
- difficult navigation because of english translation

LOCALBitcoins is a platform where you can buy your coins peer to peer. This means that you buy your cryptocurrencies directly from another user. The advantages are that you don't need to wait for bank transactions to go through, as you can choose a variety of different transaction methods. You can also skip the verification process. This makes trading very easy. The disadvantage is, that you can only buy the amount of desired coins, that is offered by other users. The selling price is determined by the selling user.


Cointal is a peer to peer exchange with more coins than Localbitcoins. You don't need to go through a long verification process in order to buy cryptocurrencies. Cointal also provides you with a lot of different payment methods like gift cards, credit cards, paypal and others. The disadvantage is, that there are only few users using this website so far. This could mean, that the coin you are looking for is not provided or not in the quantity you want it.



Please note, that we do not have any partnership with the aforementioned exchanges. We do not get any money for advertising them here. We are just guys talking about cryptocurrencies for the sake of helping others to get involved.