How it started...

We first encountered in March 2017 in Guatemala. Being on our personal journeys for several years, we met in a small village in Guatemala and lived together for a while. With the background of teaching on secondary schools, 20 years of volunteering to help the poor, we started to talk about projects, that can make a change. We all share the same vision of creating facilities, that are truly altruistic and help the ones that are in need the most. Because in the end, happiness grows, when shared. But there was just this ongoing problem: How could we make sure that we are trustworthy? With the current corruption and mistrust in the world, how could we make people trust in us? After a couple of months we came across this thing called Bitcoin. We quickly realized that this new technology called blockchain could revolutionize the world in a way beyond imagination. It could solve the exact problems we were facing: It cuts out the need for trust in humans. Through a distributed ledger that is visible for everybody, we no longer need to proof where money would go.

We immediatly fell down the rabbit hole and started studying everything about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies and latest news and projects, in order to get a picture about this new invention. For over 6 months we were behind screens, 12 hours and more every day, just to get ourselves educated. We were so inspired, that even food and sleep became secondary. We quit our jobs and are now fully engaged into our project around this new technology, living from what people were willing to spend for the knowledge we gained. And because we know, not everybody has the time to study cryptocurrencies for hours everyday, we created an educational and advising platform for people who want to get involved into the cryptospace. This is how the cryptonuts - a platform for education and advise around cryptocurrencies, projects and NGO that help the poor and a community where people can share visions - came in existance.

With a doctor on our side that has been working with indigenous people in Guatemala for over 20 years, holding the highest honour of Guatemala for his endless efforts in building free hospitals and healing traumatized women and men all around the country, local farmers that implemented amazing technologies to grow organic food in stunning productive ways, we are now getting closer and closer to our vision.

We are excited to see this community grow and hope we can have an impact. It is our true mission, to heal the wounds and liberate humanity so we can live in a world, in which we like to live. 

In case you want to know more about us in personal, feel free to contact us or join us on social media.