Exchanges Overview

Beneath you will find an overview and rating of several exchange platforms and their features.



Binance allows you to trade nearly all cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin and Ethereum. Deposits are free, trades have a 0.1% fee and withdrawal fees depend on the specific coin
It takes a while to get familiar with the user interface. Binance is currently one of the most popular exchange platforms. Next to Kucoin and Coss, this exchange gives a certain amount of the fees back to the users of the platform



Bittrex was one of the first big players in the cryptospace. It has a lot of coins that can be exchanged for Bitcoin. The user interface is more clear compared to other exchanges. Withdrawal fees depend on the specific coins. All trades cost 0.25% (comission). It is one of the most popular exchanges, albeit being centralized and gotten hacked twice.



Bitfinex is one of the few exchanges, that allow deposits in USD. Although it has only a few coins listed, many of them are hard to find on other exchanges (like IOTA). It is very secure, hence withdrawals take more time than on other exchange platforms. Trades cost 0.1-0,2% and withdrawal fees depend on the coin. Lately Bitfinex didn't allow US Customers to trade anymore and had several problems and issues.



One of the most attractive exchanges right now. It has a very interesting referral program and gives 50% of the transaction fees back to tokenholders and up to 40 % back to referrals of token holders (90% goes back to the users). Although it has only a few coins listed due to being very new to the space, these coins can't be bought on other exchanges. Trading fees are 0.1 % and withdrawal fees can be seen here.



Poloniex is made for more advanced traders. It was used a lot back in the days, now it seems to loose market space to other exchanges. 
Fees can be 0.05% until up to 0.25%, depending on the amount. 





Coss is a direct alternative to the kucoin exchange platform. It does have a less high trading volume and some other disadvantages like no payback of fees like kucoin (40%). On the other hand, it charges no flat fees but a variable fee based on trading volumes. 
comparison kucoin

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Etherdelta is one of the first decentralized exchanges on which you can trade several ERC 20 tokens, based on the Ethereum network. This exchange has some unique coins you can trade, and you can trade here on real time with a minimum of transaction and withdrawal fees. However, due to its decentralization, congestion and troubles with transactions (not being broadcast) can occur. 






Cryptopia, based in New Zealand, is trading a huge amount of coins, some of them only traded on this exchange. The user interface needs some time to get used to and withdrawal fees can be expensive and the trading volume is quite low. Because of an extra security level for transactions and the amount of coins traded, this is still a good platform.