Medicine for Guatemalan Indigenous

Hello! We (cryptonuts'n'bolts) are starting a project with Dr.Gato, who holds the highest honor in Guatemala for helping the poor. Together we travel around Guatemala, make friends and help the locals wherever we can for no fee with health, both physical and mental. Indigenous people in Guatemala don't have enough money to even take the bus to the city for medicinal care, while earning 60 cents a day to carry coffee beans. We see it as our duty to help the indigenous with alternative medicinal care. Therefore, we are in need of more spooky2 machines and a couple of RSG-2'. These are Bio-Electric medicine machines, of which we have seen numerous cases in helping with Dengue, Flu, Tendinitis, Parkinson's and tumors. The amount we are asking for will cover 3 of each of these machines and leaves us $ 200 for transport (bus and mules) and little gifts for the kids, which is a total of $ 2700.
For more information on the machines visit the spooky website and the RSG website, more information on the project can be found here.

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With over 20 years of experimenting and exploring the deeper meaning of agriculture, Juan has invented several ways to improve crops. Improving the soil, the water and the dung used for the crops, he got rewarded with astonoshing results. Crops are way bigger, saturated with various minerals and fantastic in taste. In addition, the crop failure did reduce and so did the water supply needed. 
The long term goal is to build schools in order to educate indigenous people how to grow food in a responsible, easy and efficient way. 

  JUAN ORELLANA - Agrofenomena founder

JUAN ORELLANA - Agrofenomena founder


Cryptonuts Healing community Support

We are currently building a community with the focus on exploring a new way of living on this planet in a responsible and joyful way. We are reconnecting to nature, expanding our knowledge around alternative production and consumption of resources (water, electricity) and exploring the possibilities of living in a self sustainable way. You can follow the project on our social media channels. With a background of psychology and medicine we are collaborating with a doctor who's holding Guatemalas highest honour for his amazing work he did in this country. Working with different methods, he cured hundreds of people from various illnesses, whether it be cancer or diabetes, schizophrenia or eating disorders. Exploring alternative healing methods like EFT, spooky2 and RSG2, we have more and more evidence of the positive effects on the healing process of individuals through these alternative approaches. Any support will help us evolve in order to help others.